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Models, studies, or sources of inspiration, boxes are a recurring theme in Sacha Schwarz’s works, an embodiment of his creative process...


Scale model in wood, as if we had a whole mini-auditorium for ourselves, as if we were Gulliver in an imaginary Lilliputian country.


vache 1 cadre

Cows – Icons

At once regal and monumental, these hyperrealistic cows, like modern-day madonnas, are portrayed against a neutral background. They appear magnified, the object of our fascinated gaze, when usually they are the ones gazing at us as we pass.

auto-portrait 2


Sacha Schwarz pokes fun at himself in a series of self-portraits in the style of the great masters. Whether in the guise of St Sebastian, a Greek god, or simply as himself, an artist, standing against a gilt background, Sacha uses the self-portrait as an outlet for his boundless imagination, a trigger to push back his limits.



The power and beauty of men in movement against a gold-leafed background. Inspired by Eadwaerd Muybridge’s pioneering work, The Human Figure in Motion (1887). Grace, vitality, virility.