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Born in France and raised in Israel, the bicultural artist Sacha Schwarz returned to Europe to study fine arts, graduating from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris in 1986.

Since 1990, Sacha has had his studio at ‘Les Frigos’, in Paris, one of the largest centres in Europe for the creative arts.

Deeply influenced by his two cultures, Sacha is fascinated by intersections, contrasts, and contradictions. His paintings express his zest for life, his awareness of its fleeting nature, and his amused take on the innovations of the modern world.

His sources of inspiration are eclectic, from the touching sincerity of primitive African art to the gilt splendour of fourteenth and fifteenth century masterpieces, from the meanders of the Bible to the animals of the Garden of Eden, from Rembrandt and El Greco to Bruly Brouabe, Hundertwasser, and New Figuration.

Sacha Schwarz explores a variety of techniques, pairing acrylic paint on wood with traditional gold, copper, and silver leafing, or adding relief to his compositions by superimposing wooden silhouettes.

Sacha Schwarz’s works can be seen in France, Europe and the United States.

Sacha Schwarz expresses his creativity through paintings, installations, and art events, as well as a graphic journal published almost daily on Instagram.