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Crossing the threshold into Sacha Schwarz’s studio is like entering a fantastical garden. Paintings cover every wall, like fragments of an imaginary world, bearing witness to the artist’s multiple sources of inspiration. The profusion of colours, sensations, and shapes create an atmosphere that changes constantly as the light shifts from day to dark. Men in movement, naive animals, icon-like portraits, sometimes inscribed with words and quotes drawn from dog-eared encyclopaedias, often touched with a sly humour.

A place of work and concentration, Sasha Schwarz’s studio is where each of his works takes form, step by step, according to a well-practised ritual, beginning with the preparation of the wood panel and the initial sketch, followed by the application of the paint. Sacha Schwarz’s art is technical, precise, and protean: his work ranges from wood relief compositions to backgrounds in gold and silver leaf, from acrylic to coloured pencil and inks.